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Lee Weiss has been a resident of Madison, WI for most of her painting career. From the 1960's through the 2000's she has built a national reputation for her adventuresome use of the watercolor medium. Weiss has participated in every major American watercolor competition during this time and her pieces are in numerous museum and corporate collections including the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art, the National Air and Space Museum, and the Phillips Collection, of Washington, D.C. Weiss's paintings are sought after by collectors from Prague to Tokyo and across the USA.

Ms. Weiss' works are known for their interpretation of the spiritual qualities of nature and for her mastery of the watercolor medium through innovative painting techniques. Weiss has developed her work from small-scale depictions of large landscapes to monumental presentations of landscape details. Many of her scenes could take place at the beach, a neighborhood park, or in our own back yards. Weiss explains her growth:
"If I can't find some mystery, something that moves me, then I have just done an illustration, not a painting. The paintings that really thrill me are those that leave a lot unsaid, but, there's a presence..."

Reed rhythms

Reed rhythms Medium: print
Size: 19"x24 image unframed
Price: $75 unframed


Tomorrow Medium: Watercolor
Size: 40" x 26" image
Price: $2,500 framed


Dreamscape Medium: watercolor
Size: 26" x 40" image
Price: $2800 framed

Sea Grass and Shadows

Sea Grass and Shadows Medium: Watercolor
Size: 47" x 37" image
Price: $2,700 framed

Reef Lace

Reef Lace Medium: watercolor
Size: 40" x 30" image
Price: $2800 framed

Winter Afterglow

Winter Afterglow Medium: watercolor
Size: 40"x27" framed
Price: $2,700 framed

September Flora

September Flora Medium: poster
Size: 20"x34" image
Price: $30. unsigned, $40 signed

Plaited Reeds

Plaited Reeds Medium: watercolor
Size: 26"x40" image
Price: $2800 framed

Winter Twigs

Winter Twigs Medium: watercolor
Size: 40" x 30" image
Price: $2900 framed

Shaded Path

Shaded Path Medium: watercolor
Size: 34"x41" framed
Price: $2800 framed

Cloudburst Aftermath

Cloudburst Aftermath Medium: watercolor
Size: 36" x 46" image
Price: $3000 framed

Stoney Fissures

Stoney Fissures Medium: watercolor
Size: 30"x40" image, 37"x47" framed
Price: $2700 framed

Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow Medium: Watercolor
Size: 40" x 26" image
Price: $2800 framed

Wet April Snow

Wet April Snow Medium: Watercolor
Size: 42" x 30" image
Price: $2,800 framed

Moonlit Driftwood

Moonlit Driftwood Medium: Watercolor
Size: 40" x 26" image
Price: $2,400 framed

Late March

Late March Medium: print
Size: 18"x27" image
Price: $75 unframed