John Wilde

John Wilde (1919–2006, pronounced "WILL-dee") was a painter, draughtsman and printmaker of fantastic imagery. Born near Milwaukee, Wilde lived most of his life in Wisconsin, save for service in the U.S. Army during World War II. He received bachelor and master degrees in art from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he taught for some 35 years. Wilde was associated with the Magic Realism movement and Surrealism in the United States. His darkly humorous figurative imagery often included self-portraits through which he interacted with the people, animals and surreal objects that populate his fantasy world.

Past Exhibitions

December 2017
The Gift of Art

October 2017
Louis Magre: French Impressionist Paintings

August 2017
Michael McWillie

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8 Russets 42/100

8 Russets 42/100 Medium: color etching
Size: 23.75"x17.75 unframed
Price: $600 unframed

A Boxed Pear

A Boxed Pear Medium: chine colle lithograph
Size: 20"x18" unframed, 20"x22 framed
Price: $950 framed

A Kiss 19/20

A Kiss 19/20 Medium: lithograph
Size: 13.25x11.25" unframed
Price: $750 unframed

British Soldiers 11/21

British Soldiers 11/21 Medium: lithograph
Size: 11"x15" unframed
Price: $400 unframed

J and J Enter the Kingdom of Heaven 47/80

J and J Enter the Kingdom of Heaven 47/80 Medium: color etching
Size: 23.75"x17.75" unframed
Price: $1400 unframed

John Wilde

John Wilde Medium: Book, back

John Wilde

John Wilde Medium: Book, front.24 color plates. No title on cover. An interesting juxtaposition of artwork and ruminations by Magic Realism artist John Wilde (1919-2006). Perfect condition
Size: 7.75"x11"
Price: $100

John Wilde show announcement

John Wilde show announcement Medium: reproduction
Size: 17"x13" unframed
Price: $25 unframed


Unknown Medium: poster
Size: 17"x24" unframed
Price: $30. unframed

Wildebirds, John Wilde and his son Johnathan Wilde

Wildebirds, John Wilde and his son Johnathan Wilde Medium: reproduction
Size: 13"x29" unframed
Price: $30