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"For lack of a better term, I consider myself to be a contemporary realist painter. It is my language, My pastel paintings bring together more than 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, and watercolorist, and a lifetime appreciation of the rural landscape. The paintings exist as visual commentaries on the land and the continuing cycles of life in the Midwest that have transformed this landscape into what it is today. Though much of my work is devoid of the human form, the elements that I portray are evocative of man's influence upon the land the farmsteads, the fields, the roads all of which have their stories to tell, of generations come and gone. Many of the older buildings hold a particular appeal in that they appear not so much to have been built on the land but more that they seem to have grown from the land.

My art does not contain any conscious social or psychological message. I paint simply what I find to be beautiful. It is my objective to make a painting that is sensitive & beautiful a painting that needs no explanation, one that can make people realize that the big picture is made up of small, simple things that we need to be able to enjoy just because they are beautiful."

Fence line, Winter-Cedar County

Fence line, Winter-Cedar County Medium: pastel
Size: 24"x20" image, 29"x25" framed
Price: $2250 framed

Autumn Evening, The Lake Road

Autumn Evening, The Lake Road Medium: pastel
Size: 14"x11" image, 21"x18" framed
Price: $750 framed

Spring Landscape

Spring Landscape Medium: pastel
Size: !4"x11" image, 21"x18" framed
Price: $750 framed

Evening Near Princeton

Evening Near Princeton Medium: pastel
Size: 10"x8" image, 17"x14" framed
Price: $450 framed


Sunrise Medium: pastel
Size: 10"x 8" image. 17"x14" framed
Price: $450 framed