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Lanie's work reveals her artistic passion and her desire for creative expression. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Arizona State University, she enjoyed a fifteen-year career as a graphic designer in print and environmental design. For a few years she owned and operated Nature Things, a greeting card and gift company, and with her partners sold to retailers from art museums on the east coast to sea life parks in Tahiti. Lanie has always had a passion for the fine arts and has been drawing and painting since childhood. She began devoting more and more of her time to painting, and then made the decision to start her own business as a fulltime visual artist, and since then has never looked back.

Her artistic style shows the influence of many years spent in graphic design, and her strong understanding of color, compositions and form is evident in her work. Most of her works are acrylic paintings ranging in style from object-oriented to abstract expressionistic. In her ongoing exploration of processes, media, techniques, her non-objective works show emotive color, abstract shape, and surface texture that create visual metaphors. "An artist's response to his/her interpretation of a subject, idea, emotion is to each a unique and intimate expression. It is based on the artists' life experiences, skill, passion, talent, intuition, knowledge, beliefs, motives, and mastery of materials and tools. And moreover for me, no matter how thought out an idea I may have to paint is, with every stroke I put down, the painting is active in the process, guides me along and shows me what it needs. Above all, to me art is about a love and passion for what I do. The experience of creating art is truly an alive and intimate thing for me."

"I am influenced everyday by my observations, expereinces, emotions, places I've been, that I want to express visually. When taking these thoughts and images to canvas or paper, I find the most enjoyment and satisfaction when investigating the wonderful interactive relationships of color: value, intensity, hue, spatial thrusts. To be successful here can make a painting come to life! To the painter and viewer alike, each mark, color, shape, texture is to eyes as notes, rhythms, melodies of a song are to the ears... unique and personal to each."

Through her local and national gallery representation Lanie's original paintings are widely sold throughout the world, as well as her works published as giclees and lithographs.

Urban Moon

Urban Moon Medium: mixed media
Size: 36"x18"
Price: $850