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Dennis Levine

Painter and printmaker Dennis Levine continues to create some of the most interesting art in the nation. His experimentations with color and variation of subject matter, ranging from the complex to the whimsical, have brought to Levine a captive audience, always anticipating the release of new works.

His latest series of paintings, all done in acrylic, find Levine experimenting with form and technique. His "Hidden Valley" series and "Augustine View" are explorations in spontaneity. Taking his cue from the stylings of Free Jazz, Levine dispenses with pre-conceived notions of the outcome of the painting. Here, improvisation and dynamics takes center stage. As well, Levine's primary tool in the realization of the new work is the palette knife. "I feel like I've only just now discovered the palette knife," says Levine. "Though I've incorporated its use in the past, I wanted to discover its full capabilities and characteristics." The result is a deeply textured and layered series of paintings, marked by a dynamism and lyricism not seen since the abstract expressionists of decades ago.

Originally trained as an illustrator, Levine made his transition into fine art via etching and serigraphy. In addition to his printmaking talents, he has created nearly 100 murals nationwide. His works have been featured in numerous individual and group exhibitions.

New Falls

New Falls Medium: mixed media
Size: 24"x35" image
Price: $850