Lee Weiss: A Retrospective. November 4-December 30. Opening Reception November 4th on Gallery Night, 5-8 pm

Thought by many to be Madison's best and best liked artist. We will be featuring paintings from the 1960's to few years prior to her death in 2018. In her long career she focused on nature. Breathtaking visions were depicted within her work, from small portraits to monumental presentations, every detail imbued with a sense of purpose. Her inspiration emerged from world-wide travel as well as her beloved neighborhood park, Hoyt Park, just steps from her front door. She defined her vision thus: "If I can't find some mystery, something that moves me, then I have just done an illustration, not a painting. The paintings that really thrill me are those that leave a lot unsaid, but there's a presence..." Lee Weiss built a global reputation for her adventurous use of watercolor, all the while participating in major American watercolor competitions from the 1960s to late 2010 accumulating multiple awards along her journey. She was a long time exhibiter with the Garver Gallery in Madison, The Franz Bader Gallery in Washington DC for over twenty years, Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington, DC, Gallery Madison 90 in NYC as well as others nationally and internationally.

Past Exhibitions

March 2023
Harold Altman: The Retrospective. March 1-April 31. Free shipping or sales tax (unframed artwork) during this

October 2022
Elizabeth Ivers

September 2022
Michael McWillie

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Autumn Brook

Autumn Brook Medium: watercolor
Size: 39.5”x29.5” framed, 50”x38” framed
Price: $2800 framed


Awash Medium: watercolor
Size: 39"x31" image, 40"x32" framed
Price: $2400. framed

Bronze Reeds

Bronze Reeds Medium: watercolor
Size: 40.5"x25.5" image, 41"x26" framed
Price: $2800. framed


Dreamscape Medium: watercolor
Size: 26" x 40" image
Price: $2800 framed

Fractured Rock

Fractured Rock Medium: watercolor
Size: 26"x40" image
Price: $2500. framed

Golden Trees

Golden Trees Medium: watercolor
Size: 40"x32" image, 46"x38" framed
Price: $2800. framed

Nesting Fog

Nesting Fog Medium: watercolor
Size: 39"x26" image, 47"x33" framed
Price: $2700 framed

Pacific Fog

Pacific Fog Medium: watercolor
Size: 39.75"x30" image, 40.25"x30.25" framed
Price: $2200 framed

Plaited Reeds

Plaited Reeds Medium: watercolor
Size: 26"x40" image
Price: $2800 framed

Stoney Fissures

Stoney Fissures Medium: watercolor
Size: 30"x40" image, 37"x47" framed
Price: $2700 framed

Surf and Rocks

Surf and Rocks Medium: watercolor
Size: 28"x21" image, 37"x31" framed
Price: $2200. framed


Tomorrow Medium: Watercolor
Size: 40" x 26" image
Price: $2,500 framed