"NURTURED IN WISCONSIN"-Featuring: Art Werger, Gregg Kreutz, Lee Weiss, Linda Koenig, Elizabeth Ivers, John Wilde.

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Works of Linda Koenig

Past Exhibitions

March 2023
Harold Altman: The Retrospective. March 1-April 31. Free shipping or sales tax (unframed artwork) during this

October 2022
Elizabeth Ivers

September 2022
Michael McWillie

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A Gentle Dawn I

A Gentle Dawn I Medium: watercolor
Size: 22"x30" image, 29.25"x37.5" framed
Price: $1800 framed

First Light I

First Light I Medium: watercolor
Size: 8"x22.5" image, 15"x30" framed
Price: $1200 framed