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John Wilde

John Wilde Apr 10, 2021 to Apr 30, 2021
John Wilde (1919–2006, pronounced "WILL-dee") was a painter, draughtsman and printmaker of fantastic imagery. Born near Milwaukee, Wilde lived most of his life in Wisconsin, save for service in the U.S. Army during World War II. He received bachelor and master degrees in art from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he taught for some 35 years. Wilde was associated with the Magic Realism movement and Surrealism in the United States. His darkly humorous figurative imagery often included self-portraits through which he interacted with the people, animals and surreal objects that populate his fantasy world.

Virtual Gallery Walk. Friday May 7. We'll be unveiling our Spring 2021 Artwork.

Virtual Gallery Walk. Friday May 7. We'll be unveiling our Spring 2021 Artwork. May 01, 2021 to May 29, 2021
Featuring our Spring Collection.
Artists: Gregg Kreutz, Susan-Hunt-Wulkowicz, Rita Crooks, Lee Weiss, Art Werger and lots more.

Art Werger

Art Werger Jul 01, 2021 to Jul 31, 2021
The images in Art Werger's intaglio prints are anchored in his New Jersey childhood. His suburban scenes are lyrical and evocative of boyhood summer evenings. His city scenes are fraught with tension and isolation. Some of Werger's prints show the influence of film noir genre movies as well as paying tribute to the cinematic techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. Through realistic portrayals of scenes viewed from unusual angles, he creates a dream-like detachment from the events taking place.

Werger states, "All of my work involves a level of voyeurism or intrusion. I want my images to create a tension based on phobic response, whether it's a fear of falling or drowning. I want to elicit an active response to the representational image. Rather than intending to comfort the viewer, I want to challenge preconceptions". Werger has exhibited internationally and has works in several collections, including the Boston Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and The Garver Gallery.
The showruns April 4-28. Open to the public. Free admission. Handicap accesible.

Gregg Kreutz: Recent Paintings

Gregg Kreutz: Recent Paintings Aug 06, 2021 to Aug 30, 2021
We thought what a nice way to start the New Year by featuring Gregg Kreutz, one of our favorite artists.

Kate Mueller

Kate Mueller Sep 01, 2021 to Sep 30, 2021
I love to draw, and I love to paint! It was drawing the life around me that propelled me at a young age into a lifelong relationship with art. Now I am a realist painter, using my love of drawing as a firm foundation, and my goal is to show the viewer the beauty and vibrancy of something they might not notice on their own. To do this I work ala prima, with immediacy and energy. Often I feel that realism becomes practiced and careful…I hope to avoid that. To me my most successful pieces are those in which boldness and delicacy are both present; in color, drawing, brushwork and composition, and I am always working to perfect that balance. As I strive to achieve this balance with my technique, I choose the subjects of my paintings hoping to highlight the beauty of the everyday. When I succeed, even the smallest of my paintings calls out to the viewer to look more deeply into not only the beauty of the artwork, but the beauty that surrounds all of us each and every day.

Importantly, my artistic inspirations are Frans Hals, for the virtuosity of his brushwork. John Singer Sargent, for his command of color, draftsmanship, brushwork; everything. And most of all my Mother, who taught me by example that no good art comes easily, but only through sticking to it and letting it go.

Gallery Night October 1: Unveiling Our Fall 2021 Collection

Gallery Night October 1: Unveiling Our Fall 2021 Collection Oct 01, 2021 to Nov 30, 2021
Unveiling our Fall 2021 Collection
Artists: Gregg Kreutz, Susan-Hunt-Wulkowicz, Rita Crooks, Lee Weiss, Art Werger and lots more

Affordable Splendour-The Art of Gift Giving

 	Affordable Splendour-The Art of Gift Giving Dec 01, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021
We've got you covered with a unique collection of wonderful pieces
for yourself and for that special someone.
Please explore our website for all things special.

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