Affordable Splendour-The Art of Gift Giving

For the 2020 Holiday season we've put together a stunning collection of artwork.
For any budget and for anyone we can help you with all your special Holiday gift giving. Please browse our website or stop by the Gallery and we'll give you that special attention you deserve.
On this page are pieces by most of our artists. Feel free to click on their page to see more of their work.
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Works of Harold Altman

Past Exhibitions

December 2020
Affordable Splendour-The Art of Gift Giving

September 2020
Kate Mueller: Recent Paintings

August 2020
Whimsical Art for Dark Days: Featuring Rita Crooks and Michael McWillie

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Approaching Figure, date 1963

Approaching Figure, date 1963 Medium: etching
Size: 19.75"x10" image
Price: $1250 unframed

Blossoms 1997, artist proof

Blossoms 1997, artist proof Medium: lithograph
Size: 27"x19.5" image, 30"x22" paper
Price: $650 unframed

Boating 1994 166/285

Boating 1994 166/285 Medium: Color Lithograph
Size: 13 1/4" x 9 1/4" image
Price: $325 unframed

Bow Bridge, 57/285

Bow Bridge, 57/285 Medium: lithograph
Size: 23.25" x 16.25 image, 29.75"x22" paper
Price: $1200 unframed

Central Park 1987

Central Park 1987 Medium: Color Lithograph
Price: $650 unframed


Deerfield Medium: Color Lithograph
Size: 25 3/8" x 17 1/2"
Price: $650 unframed

Morning Walk

Morning Walk Medium: Color Lithograph
Size: 24 1/4" x 17"
Price: $750

Parc Monceau 1997, artist proof

Parc Monceau 1997, artist proof Medium: lithograph
Size: 26"x18" image, 30"x 22"paper
Price: $650 unframed

Picnic 1997, artist proof

Picnic 1997, artist proof Medium: lithograph
Size: 18.25"x25.75" image, 22"30" paper
Price: $650 unframed

Red Dress 1996, 22/285

Red Dress 1996, 22/285 Medium: lithograph
Size: 13"x9" image, 20"x15 paper
Price: $325 unframed

Shaded Path

Shaded Path Medium: Color Lithograph
Size: 25 3/8" x 18" framed
Price: $2500

Spring 1990

Spring 1990 Medium: unsigned lithograph
Size: 25"x17.5"image, 33"x26.5
Price: $300 unframed, $350 framed

Spring 1992 I, 22/285

Spring 1992 I, 22/285 Medium: lithograph
Size: 13"x18" image, 17.75"x24 paper
Price: $425 unframed

Sunday Picnic

Sunday Picnic Medium: Color Lithograph
Size: 28 x 35.25' framed
Price: $875 framed

The Tree 1998, 22/285

The Tree 1998, 22/285 Medium: lithograph
Size: 10"x13.5" image, 15"x19.5" paper
Price: $325 unframed