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Bright Forest, Steve Carpenter


Medium: oil pastel
Size: 36″x 33.5″ image, 47.5″x46″ framed
Price: $11,500 framed

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About the Artist

Carpenter’s landscapes are easily recognizable because of their vibrant colors, which are vigorous and experimental with brilliant magentas, blues, purples and splashes of yellow. He intensifies the natural color of our surrounding landscapes. To achieve this desired coloration while maintaining the freedom to draw, he worked for years in pastels and more recently, with oil stick, preferring the motions of drawing to those of painting. His works are created in the studio and are a combination of reality and imagination. His innovative use of color was inspired by a trip to the Far East during his college years; and is occasionally renewed by visits to museums where he absorbs the colors of Klimt and Monet.

“I bring my pictures to life by using marks, layers and color to create a history. Spots of color are worked over and over. The picture is complete when I can walk away from the drawing and feel no need to pick, scratch, or add another mark.”