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The Road Home, Charles Berry


Medium: mixed media
Size: 20″x14″ image
Price: $600

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About the Artist

Through his vivid, graceful nature paintings, John Lynn Berry reveals his fascination and deep appreciation of nature . Recalling the goals and ideals of the Hudson River School–the first group of landscape painters in the United States–Berry strives to evoke the grandeur of nature, providing a stage for deep appreciation and contemplation of its many qualities. Berry is not shy about his mission. “We’re endowed as the protectors of this paradise we live in, and hopefully I can help people to be more aware of that in my art.”

Eye-catching and conscious-raising in equal measure, Berry’s paintings range from impressionistic landscapes to faithful depictions of exotic animals in the wild. Painting primarily on canvas and linen, he notes “Oils are my first love, but I’m no stranger to acrylics and other mediums.” In any medium, Berry’s paintings capture a rare sense of immediacy and intimacy.

“I try to draw the viewer right inside the painting and make them feel as though they were actually there. If it’s a painting of an animal, I want the viewer to feel like they can reach out and touch it. If it’s a landscape, they should feel as though they were sitting in a meadow, taking in the view.”

An avid traveler since college, Berry’s constant state of motion has fueled his artwork. “I’ve experienced many things in my travels, from touring the great art museums of Europe to petting dolphin from our sailboat where we lived for a year in the Caribbean. All the observances have been food and education for painting.”

It comes as no surprise that Berry’s love of the environment infuses his work within the confines of his studio. “Animals, humans and nature are all interwoven; it’s important to keep this balance. Through my art, I try to remind people of earth’s beauty, and hopefully make them more aware of our responsibility for the well-being of this world.”