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Winter in the Country, Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz


Medium: etching
Size: 8″x16 image, 16″x25 Framed
Price: $600 framed

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About the Artist

I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1944 where my father was stationed during WW II. At the age of 6, I began attending scholarship classes at the Art Institute and continued there thru my first year of college. I married a fellow student, Robert Wulkowicz, in 1962 and left school to work independently on my art and raise children Eric, Jason, and Korin.  Though I now live in a beautiful part of Wisconsin, this work began in a windowless studio in the center of the city where I spent my first 45 years. I grew up in the building in which my father, William Hunt, was born – on the last inhabited block next to downtown Chicago. My mother, Juanita Crunk, was a scholarship student at the Art Institute of Chicago when they met and later married.

In 1969 I purchased my first etching press and began my printmaking career.